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Carbon Credits 

Below is some useful information for covenantors about the current mechanisms in place to recognise the post-1990 forest carbon sequestration of covenants and potential opportunities to claim carbon credits under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Registering naturally regenerating indigenous forest in the ETS can be difficult. For forest areas to be eligible to enter the ETS, they must met the ‘forest land definition’ by MPI, which is: 

  • At least 1 hectare of land
  • Trees that can grow to at least 5 metres in height
  • The forest must be able to reach at least 30% average canopy cover
  • New trees since 1990 (forest before 1989 is not eligible)

This helpful explainer gives a good overview of these criteria for registering forest in the ETS. If you think your forest might be eligible, we encourage you to talk this through with a consultancy of your choice that specialises in this work – unfortunately, QEII does not have the expertise to help you with this.

A list of consultants can be found below, this list may be incomplete – we will update this page periodically with new information and consultants as it becomes available.


Carbon consultants 

It will likely be easiest to use a local provider, but here are a few consultants we’re aware of.

We’ll continue adding to this list, so please let us know if you’re aware of any other consultants.