managing your covenant
Weed control

Introduced plants are one of the biggest threats to protected areas. Many native plants cannot compete with invasive introduced plants, which can change or destroy natural habitats.

You may be able to get support to control weeds in your covenant from a community program or another third-party source of funding. If you are interested, please contact your Regional Rep for more information.

For further information, and help with identification and how to manage weed species, see Weedbusters, or contact your Rep, or your Regional Council.

Managing Your Covenant
Pest animal control

Introduced animals impact our native species by competing for food, predating on native wildlife, and consuming native plant species.

To find out more visit the Department of Conservation’s Animal Pest page.

Landcare Research have a web based decision support system which can help you select the most appropriate options for controlling vertebrate pest animals in your covenant. Landcare Research also have up-to-date ‘Best Practice’ factsheets about the different methods for controlling pests.

You may also be able to get support for control of pest plants or pest animals from the Stephenson Fund.