your covenant

Every covenant has its own particular requirements to enable it to thrive. Usually fencing out stock is essential. Depending on the values protected, other measures may be necessary to promote the health of your protected land.

Controlling pest animals such as possums, goats, deer and pigs allows a diverse range of species to flourish. Predator control is ideal and will help indigenous wildlife to breed successfully.

Protected land can be compromised by pest plants so controlling weed species which can threaten the values of the covenant is important.

Your regional representative will visit your protected land every two years. Reps are a great source of advice on managing your covenant.

When new protection is put in place, we make a contribution towards projects like replanting, trapping, and weed control. Reps are also able to assist you with applications for funding from outside sources.

Caring for protected land
We work in partnership with landowners to keep protected areas flourishing, management of your protected land will help it thrive.
Restoration information
Find out more about several different kinds of restoration.

The Stephenson Fund
The Stephenson Fund grants are available to support landowners with the ongoing management and enhancement of their open space covenant.

Pest and weed control
Information and help on how to manage pests and weeds.

Fence maintenance
As an owner of protected land you are responsible for maintaining covenant boundary fences and excluding domestic stock from your covenant.

Tree maintenance around powerlines
If trees are interfering with powerlines, this can create power cuts and fires. Find out how to prevent this.

The Auckland Council Fund
The Auckland Council Fund supports landowners with ongoing management and enhancement of registered QEII covenants within the Auckland region.

Carbon credits in covenants
Find out about registering naturally regenerating indigenous forest in the Emissions Trading Scheme.
Support for weather events
Find out about support available for landowners affected by adverse weather events.