managing your covenant
Trees and powerlines

If trees are interfering with powerlines, this can cause power cuts and fires. If the trees in question are protected by us, trimming to prevent hazards is the responsibility of the electricity company.

Tree trimming should take place within three months of the hazard being identified. Don’t hesitate to contact your regional representative if you have any questions or concerns about trimming.

If you receive a ‘tree trim notice’, and the trees in question are within your covenant, you should contact the electricity company and let them know that:

  • The trees are protected by a QEII National Trust open space covenant
  • The tree trim notice cannot be issued to you
  • The QEII National Trust must give consent before trimming can be done,
  • The trimming must be carried out by the electricity company, at its cost.

You can use the following template letter when writing to the power company: