managing your covenant
Caring for protected land

We work in partnership with landowners to ensure protected areas flourish. 

The most important step to ensure the health of areas we protect, is to comply with the obligations in the covenant deed. Typically, these include a requirement to keep fences stock-proof around the boundaries of the protected area, and control certain weed and pest species. 

There are also usually restrictions on activities you can do in the protected area, such as grazing, removing native vegetation, diverting water from wetlands, and construction. 

Landowners are obliged to comply with the Biosecurity Act 1993 and the Wild Animal Control Act 1977. Managing weed and pest threats is essential to enhancing the values of the protected area.

Your regional representative will visit your covenant every two years to assess the covenant and can give you advice on managing challenges. Reps can also help work with you to seek funding to help with projects on your protected land, such as weed control, predator control or re-vegetation.

If you would like help controlling weeds and pests on your protected land, your rep may be able to help you with weed killer, traps, and advice.

If your protected land is changing hands, it is helpful if you give us the contact details of the new landowner. We can get in touch with them as soon as possible to make sure they understand the protection that is in place.