managing your covenant

When you protect land in partnership with QEII, you are responsible for maintaining fences to ensure stock are not able to access that protected land.

If the land use adjacent to your protected land changes, you may be responsible for building a new fence, or upgrading an existing fence to ensure the protected area remains stock-proof.

We recommend you check your covenant fence lines routinely. To extend the life of your fences, we suggest you:

  • Remove fallen branches
  • Trim vegetation so it does not come into direct contact with fences
  • Maintain wire tension
  • Replace broken battens
  • Check the power supply for electric fences

We recognise that sometimes the condition of a fence may be out of your control. If your fences have been damaged by a natural event (e.g. fires, floods, earthquakes, or slips), we may be able to help. Talk to your regional representative or read about the Stephenson Fund.