The Auckland Council Fund
for covenant enhancement

Applications for the Auckland Council Fund are now closed.

Thanks to the generous support of Auckland Council, 2021 is the second year QEII will launch the contestable Auckland Council Fund. The objective of the fund is to enhance biodiversity values in registered QEII covenants in the Auckland region.  

Below you will find information to assist your application if you are considering applying for a grant via the Auckland Council Fund.  Please also read the broader application guidelines before completing an application form.

Please talk to your Regional Representative for site-specific advice or to discuss whether your project might be eligible for funding.  You can find your local representative here

Applications for the Auckland Council Fund have closed.

The 2021 fund opens for applications 12 August and will close 24 October.  All applications must be submitted before the closure date to be considered.    

Projects must be designed to be completed within 12 months of a successful grant application being confirmed. 

Applicants will be informed whether they have been successful or unsuccessful in receiving a grant in this round early November 2021. 

  1. You must be applying for a project on a registered QEII covenant in the Auckland region.
  2. Please discuss your project with your Regional Representative for their advice and input before submitting an application.
  3. All projects will be assessed against the extent to which they:
    – Enable improved protection and management of indigenous biodiversity on covenanted land

    – Align and support landscape scale action and connectivity for indigenous biodiversity
    – Improve protection of biodiversity focus areas
  4. The Auckland Council Fund grant can cover up to two-thirds of project costs with landowners contributing at least one-third. Applications must therefore outline minimum one-third financial or in-kind contribution towards total project costs, 
  5. Applications will not be accepted for works that are a landowner’s obligation under their covenant agreement, or are required by a third party, e.g. are a condition of a resource consent, or are required under a district or regional plan
  6. Auckland Council grants cannot be applied for to fund any retrospective activities or transactions already incurred prior to approval of the grant. 

Please see Application Guidelines on this webpage for further information.  

Applications for the 2021 Stephenson Fund have closed.

This year The Auckland Council Fund is being run in parallel with QEII’s annual contestable fund, The Stephenson Fund.

The Stephenson Fund supports projects across the country which provide for stewardship, engagement with covenants, and the ecological enhancement of covenants. You can find further information and guidelines on The Stephenson Fund here.

For covenants in the Auckland region, applications that serve to protect, maintain, or enhance biodiversity values should apply to the Auckland Council Fund, whilst those with broader covenant objectives could apply to The Stephenson Fund.

Please talk to your Regional Representative who will help you choose the correct fund to apply to.

  • You can apply for a minimum grant of $2,300 and a maximum grant of $23,000 (note, these figures are inclusive of GST). 
  • Applications must include minimum one-third financial or in-kind contribution towards project costs from the applicant 
  • There is a limited amount of funding available annually.  QEII will assess applications via a criteria-based assessment process. 

All projects will be assessed against the extent to which they: 

  • Enable improved protection and management of indigenous biodiversity on covenanted land.  
  • Align and support landscape scale action and connectivity for indigenous biodiversity.  
  • Improve protection of biodiversity focus areas. 

Projects that have been funded in the past include:  

  • Pest animal and ecological weed control  
  • Revegetation (all plantings must be eco-sourced)  
  • Kauri dieback deterrence  

Quotes or pricing estimates would greatly support your application.   

Some examples of when a quote should be included:   

  • A contractor is undertaking some of the project actions  
  • Purchasing a product direct from a supplier (e.g. traps, plants, materials) 

If you are undertaking native eco-sourced planting you will need to provide a species list. Eco-sourcing guidelines are available here. 

Please discuss your project with your Regional Representative before applying.

  • Please complete the online application form here.
  • If you are unable to use the online form, please download the form here and email your completed application to:  
  • If you are unable to use either of the options above, please print and post your completed application form to:
    Auckland Council Fund Coordinator, QEII National Trust, PO Box 3341, Wellington 6140

Please talk to your Regional Representative if you require support or assistance with your application.  You can find your local representative here 

Applications for the Auckland Council Fund are closed.

If you have any queries about the application process, please email: 

If you would like any advice on your proposed project, please contact your Regional Representative.

If you are considering applying, please read the guidelines before completing an application form.