Buying land protected
by QEII National Trust

Land protected with us is still secured even if ownership of the land changes. The protection remains in place forever, and cannot be removed for any reason.

The protection in place for each area is unique, as set out in the covenant deed registered on the title to the land. If you are looking at buying protected land you should make yourself aware of any obligations.

If you buy protected land, the most helpful thing you can do is contact your Rep, to discuss the specifics of your covenant.

Ownership changes are becoming more common, with around
properties with covenants
changing hands each year

effectively managing
protected land

Once you buy protected land, you will be visited by your Regional Rep to discuss the protected area, and talk about how we will work together to ensure it is managed effectively.

If you buy protected land you will become a member of the National Trust, meaning you will be eligible to apply for funding to support management of your protected land.

If you are looking at purchasing land protected by us, we recommend you contact your Regional Rep to discuss.