The Stephenson Fund
for Covenant Enhancement

We are currently reviewing the dates for the next round of funding for The Stephenson Fund.
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Stephenson Fund grants are available to support landowners with ongoing management and enhancement of their protected land. We created the fund to help landowners with their enhancement projects, but also to assist when natural disasters or other extreme circumstances impact protected land.

The fund was launched on 9 May 2017, and is named after Gordon and Celia Stephenson, key founders of the QEII National Trust. The Stephenson Fund comes from our internal resources, including donations, bequests and investment income.

How the Stephenson
fund works

The Stephenson Fund is a contestable fund. Applications for funding support are made by either the landowner or a support organisation.

  • Applicants can apply for up to 50% of the total cost of a project. In some cases more if extenuating circumstances apply
  • Applications can range from a minimum of $2000 up to a maximum of $20,000, excluding GST.

Landowners can apply for assistance with a wide range of projects to benefit the purpose and objectives of the protected area, such as:

  • Pest animal and ecological weed control.
  • Fencing enhancements (for example; deer top-ups).
  • Revegetation (all plantings must be eco-sourced).
  • Signage or infrastructure to support recreational use.
  • Specialist advice about the values protected in a covenant.
  • Support following extreme events (for example, slips, floods, fires, earthquakes).

Please see the application form for a complete list of the terms and conditions.

The fund may not be used as part of a consent process or in lieu of a landowner’s obligations under their covenant agreement (however, an application may be considered for the latter example if special circumstances apply (for example, hardship or health burdens).

Please see the application form for a complete list of the terms and conditions.

How to

Dates for the next funding round are yet to be confirmed. Applications will not be assessed until after the funding round has closed.

You should discuss your project with your Regional Representative before submitting a funding application. Find your local Representative here or phone 0800 467 367 ext. 823.

To apply, fill out sections 1 – 6 on the application form and send the completed form to the Fund Administrator at

The application form is available to download here.