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Peter Mark and Megan Richards stand together with landscape in the background
A shared passion to secure a sustainable future for one of our best loved native birds, the kōkako, has brought together a group of QEII covenant ...
Three children walk along a path through the bush in the covenant
The Auckland Council Fund has been helping Mark and Loma Page make progress on a long-term restoration project on their 194 ha covenant just north of ...

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Annual Report 2023


Cover of Open Space issue 105 November 2023 titled Connecting to Protect. Cover image shows Hans Pendergrast in brown hat and green overalls standing under a blurry grey sky and forest landscape looking into the distance with his hands in his pockets.
Open Space issue 105


Ngā Kairauhī papa
forever protected

Queen Elizabeth II National Trust works in partnership with landowners to protect native biodiversity on their properties, forever. The landowner retains ownership of the land they are protecting. We provide the legal protection.

Our land, our uniqueness, forever protected, for the future.

Tō tātou whenua, tō tātou ahurei, ake ake ake, taonga, hoki te heke mai.


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Tō tātou whenua

Shaped by nature’s hand and our remoteness, New Zealand’s landscape has long been regarded as a natural wonder, with a beauty and diversity unlike anywhere else on earth. There are 5,140 extra special places where their outstanding natural and ecological significance has been recognised as worthy of protection for future generations.

Tō tātou ahurei

If you take a closer look at New Zealand you’ll find 5,140 extra special places that stand out for their uniqueness. Their outstanding natural and ecological significance has been recognised as worthy of protection for future generations.

Āke ake ake

These places aren’t national parks or public land. They’re owned by private individuals with an unwavering commitment to conserving what’s special about our amazing country and legally protecting it for all New Zealanders to enjoy, forever. Their passion means these places will only ever change for the better.


It’s our job to support these special people and places, as we’ve been doing for over 40 years. We’re stronger together, working in partnership with the landowners and protecting their interests, while at the same time protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s biodiversity and natural habitats.

Hoki te heke mai

This special 180,000 hectares of New Zealand that’s protected in perpetuity safeguards our unique heritage for people now, and for future generations, to enjoy, learn from and protect. Forever. Our Kaitiakitanga.