How to protect
your land

We work in partnership with landowners to protect the most treasured areas on their land with covenants. Each covenant is tailored to reflect the wishes of the landowner. If you are interested in protecting an area on your land, please contact your regional representative.

Throughout the process, your Rep will work closely with you to ensure that your land is protected in accordance with your intentions, and guide you on how best to look after the values you have protected.

On average, we have approved
new covenants a year, every year since we were formed in 1977, over 40 years ago.

what to expect when
protecting your land

Step 1

Your Rep will meet with you, visit your land, discuss the covenanting process, and identify the values of the area you would like to protect.

Your Rep will talk with you about what you want to achieve with protection, and whether there are specific things you would like to permit or prohibit in the protected area.

Based on these discussions, your Rep will work with QEII National Trust head office and develop a proposal on how we will partner with you to protect your land.

Step 2

Your proposal will then be considered for approval by QEII National Trust.

Once we have approved your proposal, we work with you to arrange the relevant legal documents.

Step 3

The next step is usually for you to fence the protected area, which your Rep will inspect to confirm it is stock-proof. We also arrange for a survey of the covenant boundaries. Once this is approved by you and us, the covenant will be registered on your land title, securing the protection forever. You will then become a life member of the QEII National Trust.

YOUR Privacy

We recognise that privacy is a significant concern for landowners.

Personal information is dealt with strictly in accordance with our privacy policy. Information about your protected area will not be given out without your permission.