Posted By QEII National Trust | April 3, 2019

In late 2018, with the funding available from Weedbusters NZ, our regional representative for South Canterbury, Rob Smith and the Kiwi Conservation Club, coordinated by Justine Carson-Iles, meet up on a QEII covenant by Lake Ohau to deal with as many wildings pines as they could.

The funding enabled Rob to buy herbicide gel, saws and lunch for the willing weed busters who came from various spots around South Canterbury. Wildings are a real threat in this environment and are the major threat to the values protected in this covenant.

Hundreds of wildings were cut and pasted with volunteers of various ages all eager to rid the landscape of these weeds. The weather played ball and in lovely conditions the 20 odd volunteers concentrated on the area around Raupo lagoon which is a particularly scenic part of the 1000 hectare plus covenant.

The occasion was also the perfect chance to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Kiwi Conservation Club and this was dutifully done with a cake, candles and a song in the wilds.

The funding and volunteer effort has enabled leverage to be used to also fund a significant tranch of funds from Environment Canterbury to help deal with the wilding issue on this land, that despite our best efforts still remains to be dealt with.

More information about the Kiwi Conservation Club can be found on their website here and information about the Weedbusters programme can be found here.