Posted By QEII National Trust | April 12, 2018

There is still time to make your submission on the Auckland Council rates remission policy.  We sought an extension to the submission deadline on behalf of our covenantors. Submissions on the policy are now due by Friday 13 April 2018.


Some of the previous councils that now make up Auckland Council offered rates remission, and some did not.  It appears the council may have only contacted those QEII covenantors who currently receive rates remission as their policy review relate to legacy policies of the previous councils.

In our opinion all covenantors are entitled to rates remission/relief in respect of their QEII covenants due to the wording of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Making a submission

We have developed a template to assist you in your submission to council should you wish to.  You can download the form submission here.

Please use your own words and your own voice to make the submission.  While the template contains some paragraphs that may assist you your submission will have more impact if it is unique to you.

You can make submission online or by email. Submissions need to be with the council by tomorrow, Friday 13 April.  There original time frame for submissions was 5 April.  Auckland Council has agreed to this extension for submissions.

If you’ve already made a submission, and received a response that this was outside of the closing date, please be aware the Council has given us assurance that all submissions received by Friday 13 April will be given due consideration.

Details of how to make a submission can be found at this link below that will take you to the Auckland website: