Why Work at
QEII National Trust

Working at QEII means that you get to be a part of an organisation that helps to protect Aotearoa’s unique natural and cultural heritage on private land. Almost 70% of New Zealand is in private land ownership, so protecting biodiversity and heritage on private land is critical to reversing the decline of indigenous biodiversity and preserving our history for the benefit of all New Zealanders. QEII is also committed to a diverse workforce that represents Aotearoa, and to creating an inclusive workplace culture.

As an employer, we are also proud to be able to give our employees benefits such as:

  • Up to three additional (QEII holidays) leave days
  • Wellness allowance of $250 a year per employee
  • Flexible working – we provide the tools to support work life and flexible work arrangements
    whenever possible
  • Parental leave ex-gratia payment

Protecting private land
benefits us all

There are also many other wider benefits to protecting private land, including:

  • Preventing extinction of species by providing habitat for native species
  • Providing stock shelter and shade (on the other side of the fence)
  • Protecting archaeological, cultural heritage, or geological sites
  • Protecting scenic or amenity values
  • Providing recreational or educational activities, or eco-tourism
  • Providing opportunities for science, research, and education

Benefits to
Future Generations

Open space covenants are in perpetuity to ensure that the special features they protect will be there for future generations. Monitoring shows that change in ownership does not affect adherence to covenant conditions.

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