Posted By QEII National Trust | July 5, 2018

Our reps always have biosecurity in mind when visiting your properties around the country, but with recent biosecurity threats like Myrtle Rust and Kauri Dieback seemingly on the rise, we are pleased to launch our official QEII biosecurity protocols.

We all need to recognise the potential biosecurity risks to our native biodiversity, our Primary Production Industry and Globally trusted Trade Partner status.

As the leading private land conservation organisation in NZ, we know we have a crucial role to play in mitigating the impacts posed by these kinds of threats, while you, as protectors of some of our most special and ecologically significant areas of the country, have arguably an even more important frontline role to play and we’re here to help you get it right.

Our protocol sees us incorporating proactive, pragmatic and scaled biosecurity practices in all aspects of our fieldwork. Best practice procedures and policies as developed and refined by industry and agency leaders like the Ministry for Primary industries and various Councils. We have also incorporated recommendations and new research to make sure our protocol are fit  for purpose.

Although this protocol is primarily for our reps to apply as they travel around the country, we hope you might also find them useful in your own covenant and when visiting others.

‘Arrive clean, leave clean’ is the underlying principle that remains universally applicable in all aspects of our rep’s fieldwork, with cross-relevance to all landowners too.

We are running workshops with our reps around the country and have been promoting the clean in clean out protocols

You can find our biosecurity protocols here.