Posted By QEII National Trust | March 21, 2022

Members of the QEII National Trust have elected Donna Field and Graham Mourie to serve as Directors on the QEII Board. Both Donna and Graham have been re-elected and will continue their time on the Board, with their next three-year term effective from today.

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to make nominations and vote in the 2022 QEII Director Elections. We are pleased to welcome Donna Field and Graham Mourie back for another term on the QEII board of directors,” said Bruce Wills, Chairperson of QEII National Trust.  

“I would also like to thank Murray McKee for standing in the election. Members were given three strong candidates for this election and the high calibre of candidates underscores the passion and commitment of our members and covenantors have for the work QEII does.” 

This will be Donna Field’s third term serving on the Board. Donna comes from a background in resource management and has a strong interest in the conservation of plants, ecosystems, and landscapes. As a director of Cleardale Station, a 1400-hectare sheep and beef property in Rakaia Gorge, Canterbury, and Co-Chair of the Whitcombe Landcare group, she also has experience at sourcing, allocating and governing funds, weed and pest control, and ensuring the protection of vulnerable ecosystems.

“Donna’s passion for conservation, along with her extensive experience with funding for environmental programmes and governance of business makes her a great asset on the QEII Board of Directors,” says Wills.  

Graham Mourie has also been re-elected to serve on the board, this will be his second term as a director. Like many Trust members, Graham has a farming background as well as a long connection to the Trust, with his first QEII covenant established on the family farm in the 1980s.

Graham had a focus on improving the financial sustainability of the Trust during his first term as a director and he chaired the QEII Audit, Risk and Investment committee. He is also currently a Trustee of the Rugby Foundation and The Graeme Dingle Foundation Wellington; is a former director of New Zealand Rugby and the World Rugby Board where he chaired the Rugby Committee and the current Executive Director in charge of farming for Southern Pastures, an institutional dairy fund.  

“Graham’s background, strong connection to the environment and proven ability to be a part of successful teams, makes him a valuable member of the team. I am pleased that he can continue the work that he has done during his first term,” says Wills.

The QEII board and team members on a field trip. From left to right: Alan Livingston, Dan Coup, Kathy Williamson, Bruce Wills, Karen Schumacher, Kathryn Longstaff, Neil Cullen, Graham Mourie, Donna Field, John Williamson regional rep for Central Manawatu

“I look forward to continuing to work alongside my fellow Directors and contributing to the important work that the Trust is doing, protecting significant natural and cultural features in New Zealand by leading the way in private land conservation,” says Wills.

The QEII National Trust Board comprises of six members, four appointed by the Minister of Conservation and two elected by QEII National Trust members. There were three candidates for the two positions, Donna Field, Murray McKee and Graham Mourie.

The voting return was 24.39%, being 2,155 voting papers, of which 57.49% voted by post and 42.51% voted online.