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The QEII National Trust Partners for Protection – Ōhākī programme honours the generosity of individuals and families who plan to leave us a gift in their will.

Let us thank you in your lifetime and share our mutual passion for protection, enhancement and preservation of New Zealand’s open spaces.

QEII has proven its expertise time and again in the last 40 years, protecting and enhancing hundreds of thousands of hectares of open space.

Our conservation approach works, thanks to the landowners who have the vision to
protect land that they are the guardians of now, so that it is protected in perpetuity.
However, there is more demand now than ever, and a pressing need to act quickly.

We need to increase our capacity to service the demand.

Leave a gift in your will

Your support is critical to our success as a country in ensuring our unique biodiversity and cultural heritage is not lost.

Making a financial contribution to support QEII’s work is one of the best ways you can help preserve Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural and cultural heritage. Every dollar you give will help grow the network of private land protected in New Zealand in perpetuity.

Get involved and help ensure that biodiversity in New Zealand remains intact and safeguarded for generations to come.

is a team effort

You can help us to continue our vital conservation work with private landowners, as we strive to inspire and support New Zealanders to protect and enhance open spaces of ecological and cultural significance.

You can decide how you would like to target your support. Trust us to use your contribution where it will be the most beneficial, by giving to our general fund, or select one of the key priorities that we are focused on. We can work together to make your contribution have the greatest impact.

Whatever you choose, your support will help to create a legacy for all New Zealanders that will last forever.

leaders in

“As a covenantor, I’ve experienced first-hand the incredible support of QEII and sense of pride and enjoyment in knowing my land is protected in perpetuity.

For many landowners, it’s in our DNA to protect the special qualities on our properties, and it also brings practical benefits to allow biodiversity to flourish in its natural state.

But protection costs.

We’ve added three or four covenants every week since 1978. With greater numbers comes a larger workload, and ever-increasing maintenance and monitoring  requirements. It’s a lot of work to support landowners in the management of these covenants and, unfortunately, it’s even more difficult to focus on creating new covenants while also supporting an ever-growing number of existing ones.

Landowners are already leaving a legacy by protecting their land with QEII, and you can ensure this commitment is encouraged and grown by joining our community of supporters.

The time to leave a lasting legacy is now.”

Alan Livingston, Chair of the QEII Board of Directors


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