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QEII National Trust

The support of our members helps us to build partnerships with landowners to protect special natural and cultural sites on private land. As a member of the QEII National Trust, you are a crucial part of an organisation that stands up to protect the unique natural heritage of Aotearoa. We greatly appreciate your contributions.

A year’s subscription to our Open Space magazine.

Invitations to QEII events in your region.

Eligibility to nominate and vote for two of our Board of Directors.


Family – two adults and two children


Corporate – business

Corporate – non-profit organisation

All memberships are valid for 12 months

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We need some information from you in order to manage your membership. Please use our online form below.

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Subscriptions include GST. Financial members should normally have a residential address in New Zealand. (QEII open space covenantors automatically become members.)

Payments can also be made by direct credit.

First, please email us with your full name and postal address to

Second, make payment as follows:

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We will send you confirmation of your membership once the funds have cleared.

New memberships

New memberships take around 8-12 weeks to process.

All memberships are for a 12 month period.

Financial membership types (prices in NZD and include GST)

  • Individual $30
  • Family $45
  • Life $550
  • Corporate – business $75
  • Corporate – non profit organisation $50

Financial members should reside in New Zealand with a New Zealand postal address.