Protect Our
New Zealand Heritage

Donating to us is one of the most cost-effective ways that you can help to protect New Zealand’s natural and cultural heritage. Each area of land that we protect costs, on average, around $20,000, and every dollar you give will help grow our network of protected land.

Mt Hamilton Station in Southland holds at least
indigenous plant species and is dominated by copper tussockland but also includes large areas of scrub, shrubland, wetlands and some remnant silver beech forest.

How and Why
To Make A Donation

If you make a donation of more than $50, you will automatically become a QEII National Trust Membership.

You can make a donation here.

Registered Charitable Entity

Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust is a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration number: CC28488.

Donations over $5 (NZD) are tax deductible.